Red Apple Interior Furniture - Contractor won't pay me back my refund

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I agreed to have my site developed by a small freelancer developer.He asked to get paid 50% upfront as a deposit which I paid him.

Over the first 3 weeks he did make any progress on the project, missed all milestones and ultimately was not able to meet the completion deadline.

Even after agreeing to extend the deadline, the developer still did not make any tangible progress in the project.After 5 weeks I therefore asked for a refund which despite agreeing to pay me my refund back in writing he has not honored his commitment and only has excuses to offer my each time.

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Red Apple Interior Furniture - Red apple furniture late in delivery

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We bought a buffet to Red Apple interior furniture in IMM building. The delivery was scheduled 1 month later, but they are already 20 days late, and I received for a second time a SMS to inform us that the buffet is not ready. Of course, they promise it will be ready in 10 days ... so I expect a new SMS from them in 10 days to inform it's late again.

The last time I tried to call them, I only succeed to get delivery department, that as not been able to explain why it's late. The vendor Desmond Om is unreachable.

How can I chase this company to have the delivery in reasonable time?

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